Where to start kitchen remodeling?

The best way to start a remodeling project is finding your style. Every person has different tastes and different delectations. The kitchen is the heart of your home, and it is the place that is most used. While designing your kitchen, what type of kitchen cabinetry you like matters as much as the other details. There are some customers who like a modern kitchen, some customers who like a more classic or traditional one. There are many various styles that we can mention. In our showrooms, we have selections for every style and taste. For instance, we have modern-style kitchen cabinets, or if a customer wants the opposite style, such as traditional, we have that option, too. Both of our showrooms have a wide range of options and various brands. Our company also has options for every budget. If you go with the less expensive one, we have that option. A more expensive one is no problem either; we have all the budget options. As a style, the modern kitchen is a regular style that’s been used in Manhattan, while the Classic style is mostly preferred by families. Nowadays the popular one is the classic, in other words, the traditional one.

Another important fact that affects your style is the cabinetry brands. Express Brooklyn Tile & Kitchen works with almost twenty-five different brands to offer you a wide selection, including, for instance, Fabuwood, CNC, and Forevermark. Others include J&K Cabinetry, Cubitac Cabinetry, and St.Martin. These brands have huge selections, and different colors and details. As soon as you decide your style, we will start work with these brands to create your dream kitchen.

Express Brooklyn Tile & KitchenCredit: Cubitac Cabinetry

How much does kitchen remodeling cost?

One of the most important and least well-known parts of a remodeling project is the budget. Budgeting includes specific details to discuss, and there are specific facts that affect the budget.

Firstly, if you decide to start a remodeling project you might need to create a comprehensive budget for the kitchen cabinets. That means the minimum could be 30-32% for that part. Another expense you might need to allocate a part of your budget to is the countertop. In addition, you might need a contractor. Our company usually works with the contractors, but if you need it, we provide that service to our customers as well. Another thing you’ll need to factor into your budget is installation. Installation can be flexible in some cases; some customers want to hire only the cabinet installation service while some customers want to hire countertop and cabinet installation services together. It might depend on the customer’s choice. But, if you order countertops, we directly handle the installation as a free service. That’s the responsibility of our company. Installation of other materials, such as backsplash, flooring, or accessories, will need to be added to your budget as well.

There are many different cabinet styles, and each of them is unique and comes with different costs. The cost of the cabinetry depends on the product, meaning the quality and the type of wood used. Every company uses different products and they offer different price levels. If you go with a wood product, it raises the price automatically. There are many different types of wood to choose from, such as Cherry, Maple, and Walnut. Some companies use plywood. Plywood has a couple of different levels. The first one is half plywood and does quality plywood, which means the cheapest level that some companies use is three-quarter-level plywood. That’s the 3D, and its strength is comparable to that of real, solid wood. As the quality of your options rises, so does the cost, and so you will need a higher budget for higher-quality cabinets. However, if you can’t afford genuine wood, you should be aware that a less costly option doesn’t always mean it is a cheap product.

Kitchen cabinet door construction is another important detail of the remodeling project. There are two different options for door construction. The first one is the inset cabinets. Inset cabinets don’t have frames and provide more space inside the cabinet. These are more functional from the point of space. The other style is the framed option. Most of our brands use frames because they are stronger and more usable than the inset cabinet. These cabinets come with a frame, and the door is not as large as the other option. For the finish, there are two options that you can think of; natural and painted. In this part, every option has a different price level, because every product is processed differently. That means the finished budget depends on what kind of style or color you choose. As a different option, you can go with a wood species, such as Cherry Maple, Hickory, or Red Oak. Your selection of wood products is nearly endless! As with all the other factors in your budget, the type of wood, style of cabinet, and finish all affect the final price.

Express Brooklyn Tile & KitchenCredit: Woodland Cabinetry

As one of the main parts of the remodeling budget, countertops are another detailed step. There are various material options, which can overwhelm you, but we are here to clarify everything for you. There are two main distinctions: natural stone and engineered stone. If you go with the natural stone, your options will be marble, granite, and quartz among many others. While remodeling your kitchen, choosing a strong and functional product is the key to the project’s quality. In this step, granite is an obvious first choice. The kitchen is like a workplace for the home, and many accidents can happen in the kitchen, so the countertop should be able to remain strong and stable for a long time. Granite is a strong material with high durability. It would be a nice choice for the kitchen. For bathroom remodeling, marble could be a functional choice. Marble also has many different color options. If you think that engineered materials reflect your style, and you want to go with engineered stone, that’s a good idea too. Quartz and Dekton are some examples of engineered stones. These materials are also strong and are a great fit for the kitchen. For instance, if you drop coffee on Dekton, it won’t absorb the color. The durability of these materials will satisfy you. These are the important details of the countertop selection. There are many options that will fit your budget.

Backsplash, Flooring, and Accessories

Another important part of the remodeling project relies on little details. Small details can make a major impact on your kitchen’s look. Some seemingly small choices you can make to drastically improve the outcome of your project are in your backsplash, flooring, and accessories. These areas have a wide range of selections. Natural, porcelain, ceramic, whatever backsplash material you can think of, we have it in our showrooms. Lately, the popular one is the mosaic backsplash. It’s quality material, with different color and shape options. Nowadays it’s the first option for our customers. The key to the selection of these details is how to combine them together. All small pieces and details should fit with one another. They should match to complete the overall look. Firstly you are supposed to choose the floor, after cabinets and countertop. After all, we will try to match the backsplash with everything else according to your taste. Some customers choose a backsplash that would match with their countertop, some customers choose a match with the cabinet. It’s totally your choice. But you shouldn’t forget that every detail should match with each other to achieve a clean and completed look. As the last part of the project, accessories like the handles, sink, and if you need them, other accessories such as railings inside the drawer for your garbage bin, a corner cabinet, corner sink cabinet, or a roll-up, we’ll help you make the perfect selection for your needs.

How to remodel kitchen cabinets?

Many customers ask how much time they will need to renovate their kitchen. Renovation projects are a major change in your home. These rooms are the most commonly used rooms, so not being able to use them as regularly might make you feel annoyed. Focus on your first aim to remodel this room and be patient for the result. When we start a project, first, we make an appointment with you and decide on the overall design and all the little details of your kitchen. After we order the cabinets, you can prepare for the flooring installation. Browse for the perfect style of floor tile from our wide selection. If you choose one of our stock items, you can get it the same day. If you order some special items, you’ll need to wait a couple of days, about three or four business days. When you get your floor tiles, we will start the installation. Installation takes less than a day. Your kitchen cabinets, if they’re stock cabinets, will take three or four business days to arrive. If they are not stock cabinets, they may take anywhere from 5 to 10 business days, depending on the brand and style. We deliver them to your home and install them. The regular process for kitchen cabinet installation is 1 to 2 days, no more than this. Once we’re finished with your kitchen cabinets, we will continue with the countertop installation. Our experts will come to your home to take measurements, and we will arrange your countertop according to your project design details and your kitchen’s measurements. After that, our experts will come to install them. It will take 3 or 4 days. After finishing your countertop installation, we will start with the handle and the backsplash installation. This part takes a maximum of 1 day. You must follow these steps one by one. Every step is organized according to our past experience, and every step is connected with each other.

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What is the warranty on our kitchen cabinets?

Whenever a customer buys anything from our showroom, whether that’s countertops or cabinets, every brand includes a warranty Some of our brands offer 5-year or 10-year guarantees, while others offer lifetime guarantees. Whatever the timeframe, when you’ve got orders from our showroom, within 8 to 10 business days we’ll get your order from the company. We can inspect your product in front of the company to check for any mistakes or damage before shipping it to you. If your order arrives damaged, please inform us right away to maintain your warranty.

Which one to choose first, kitchen cabinets or countertops? Why?

Normally, whenever any customers come to our showroom to start a project, we encourage them to choose cabinets first, including the style and color, and then we search for the countertop. If you follow this you will find the perfect match with all the items you need. After these choices, we continue with the backsplash, carefully matching all three items.