When to Replace Your Old Kitchen Cabinets?

Just like your old car requires repair and replacement, so does your kitchen cabinet. A lot of people commence resurfacing their cabinets only to calculate later that offering a new appearance to your cabinet will cost more than you have calculated. Hence, before spending your energy, time and money in the repair of your cabinets, make sure you are making the right decision.

When to Replace Your Old Kitchen Cabinets?

When to Replace Your Old Kitchen Cabinets?

Often, cabinets require replacement because they get too old or worn out. Cabinets prematurely depreciate before they should if they are not made of good quality material. But, first thing first, it is important to identify the reasons why your cabinet has depreciated are beyond repair to make sure that the problem doesn’t occur.

Kitchen cabinets are widely exposed to steam and water in comparison to the other house parts. Thus, they need to be replaced comparatively faster. And in case, you don’t choose a high-quality cabinet, then the replacement duration is relatively shorter. Replacing your kitchen cabinet includes removal of the current ones and having new ones with high quality.

When to replace your old kitchen cabinets?

WATER DAMAGE: Water spoils wood faster. Some kitchen cabinets are wooden and water leakage damages wooden cabinets easily. Water makes the cabinets swell and have dark sports allowing them not to close properly. Replacement meets the extensive damages. If your kitchen often faces water leakage, then you should go for something which is water-resistant.

WHEN MOLDS DEVELOP ON THE CABINETS: Molds often grows on different damp surfaces and cabinets if they are frequently moist. If left, it grows quickly and spreads. Molds affect the integrity of your cabinets and hamper the health of your family. One of the major causes of mold development is water leakage. Hence, you should frequently check water leakage to keep mold growth at bay.

WORN OUT CABINET: Sometimes the cabinet gets too worn out, that you cannot re-drill new holes and mount new hinges for improvement! Hence, you get new cabinet box. If the wood of the cabinet loses stability, then it is time you replace the cabinet box or you will just waste your money in unsuccessful repairs. Make sure the wood is strong to support new hinges.

SOFT CABINETS: With time, your cabinet sidewalls may get soft. It is the sign that soon your cabinet will fall apart. Your cabinet sides are essential and aesthetic replacement is important if they are not in good condition. Hence, total replacement is suggested under such conditions.

CABINET MALFUNCTION: You also go for a replacement if your kitchen cabinets are malfunctioning like getting stuck during opening or closure or becoming hard etc.

Replacing your kitchen cabinet makes your kitchen more functional. However, it is advisable that you consult a professional before replacing your kitchen cabinetry to ensure that you are doing it right. Keep looking for the signs of warping or swelling and get your kitchen checked from time to time. This will make your cabinets replacement last longer than expected and maintain its look too.

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