How To Keep Your Kitchen Virus Free

The current COVID-19 pandemic is reinforcing the importance of cleanliness and good hygiene. As we are now washing our hands more frequently to keep ourselves safe from the virus. It is also essential to look at other areas of your house too to clean and disinfect them in the best possible way. However, the kitchen is one of the most important places to focus on.

Tips to keep your kitchen clean and virus-free

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Here we have some of the most essential tips. These tips will certainly help you to keep your kitchen clean and virus-free in the best possible way.

Disinfect with the help of bleach

One of the most effective ways to kill germs on the kitchen sink is to fill it up with warm water and some bleach. Let it sit for at least 5 minutes and drain to clean it thoroughly.

Scrub the stains away

Remove any food deposits and stains with the help of warm water and a sponge. You can utilize an all-purpose or a nonabrasive cleaner to ensure a more comprehensive clean in the best possible way.

Wipe stovetop and countertops properly

Wipe stovetop and countertops of your kitchen with the help of water and dish detergent. However, using a new paper towel and water to rinse away this detergent is better. It is because this will help you to make your kitchen surfaces virus-free is essential.

Sterilize your cutting boards

It is always highly important to wash and sterilize your cutting boards and chopping knives. Avoid using the same knife for chopping the second time without washing it in a proper way. Even more, it is always better to maintain a separate place in your kitchen to process raw and non-veg food items. However, it is better to wash your utensils properly and frequently before using them. You can also expose these to sunlight to kill the virus and other germs in a more effective way.

Scrub kitchen cabinets and  floors

During cleaning your kitchen to keep it virus-free, it is also important to pay attention to cleaning kitchen floor. Use a bleach mixture and a mop to scrub your kitchen floors properly to remove bacteria and viruses.

Pay attention to cleaning oven and fridge

Oven and fridge are two most frequently used kitchen appliances; therefore, these also need your attention. Make sure to use an effective cleaner to clean the oven. While ensuring proper storage of your food to keep your fridge clean for longer.

Handle bins carefully

It is highly important not to dump waste carelessly. Avoid waste to pile up at any of your kitchen counters. Place a properly covered bin to throw trash and make sure to take it out regularly.

Wash your hands properly

Avoid touching anything with unwashed hands. Wash your hands frequently while working in your kitchen to avoid cross-contamination as much as possible.

Final thoughts

Although it is always important to keep your kitchen countertops, cabinets, and other kitchen surfaces sanitized and cleaned properly. But at this particular time, it has become critical to keep your kitchen sanitized when we are able to pass on this dangerous pathogen.

To protect yourself and your family, keeping your kitchen virus-free is really important because getting cross-contamination with kitchen utensils or towels is easier. Therefore, it is highly important to keep your kitchen clean, sanitized, and virus-free by adopting the above-mentioned ways.

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