Express Kitchen & Bath is your one stop showroom for Kitchen & Bath. As an expert remodeling company we offer years of experience in Kitchen & Bath remodeling services. Whatever your budget and timeframe, our expert team can help you determine what exactly is best for you. Express Kitchen & Bath provides the full range of options for your next remodeling project. Don’t hesitate coming into our showroom if you are ready to take on a new Kitchen or Bath project!

What makes Express Kitchen & Bath your preferred source for Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling in New York NY?

When you call or visit for your next Kitchen & Bath renovation project, Express Kitchen & Bath is there to answer all of your questions. Our friendly team will help you find the unique, quality materials and installation method to make sure you’ll rest easy knowing we won’t cut corners on quality.

  • Huge selection of Kitchen Cabinets from different brands.
  • Granite Countertops, Quartz, Caesar Stone, Cambria.
  • Kitchen Floor Tiles
  • Complementary good looking backsplash options.
  • Single Sinks, Double Sinks
  • Handles and Knobs
  • Best Local Contractors

What to Expect When You Call Express Kitchen & Bath

If you’re in the market for Kitchen & Bath cabinets, Express Kitchen & Bath is your reliable and trusted option. We believe in providing high levels of quality and professionalism with all projects. Customer satisfaction is supreme in our company vision, so you can rest easy knowing that Express Kitchen & Bath will remain committed to the highest quality standards.

Building Kitchens & Bathrooms in New York: Express Kitchen & Bath

If you are looking for the best company in New York to help with your kitchen or bathroom remodel, we at Express Kitchen & Bath know exactly what it takes. We have been designing kitchens and bathrooms for years and know how to create a space that is both functional and beautiful. All of our designs are not only trendy but also maximize the space you have so you can make use of all of it in your home. Our motto says it all: “we don’t just make your space look good – we also help with choosing the right materials so they meet both your needs as well as those of any children living in the home.”

Find Affordable Kitchen & Bath Products at Express Kitchen & Bath

Want to change your kitchen or bathroom? We know how challenging it can be to pick out a kitchen or bathroom remodel, so we offer customers the perfect place to go – our showroom. At Express Kitchen & Bath, we employ the most talented and experienced designers to ensure your remodel is done right. We offer high-quality kitchen and bath products at affordable prices. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our designs! These improvements will make your space look good. Our showroom and website will give you greater access to high quality kitchen & bath design materials at affordable prices.

Trust Express Kitchen & Bath for Your Remodel

We at Express Kitchen & Bath have been building kitchens and bathrooms and serving the New York area for years. Our motto is “we don’t just make your space look good – we also help with choosing the right materials so they meet both your needs as well as those of any children living in the home” All of our designs are not only trendy but also functional and maximize your space. 

Choosing a kitchen or bath remodel can be difficult, which is why we want you to know that Express Kitchen & Bath is here for all of your needs. We work to make your home as beautiful as possible with great design and space maximization. When you call us or visit our showroom, we will answer any questions about spec and installation methods so that you know we are committed to providing the best possible service at a fair price.

How Much Does It Cost to Remodel A Kitchen in New York NY?

Kitchen Remodeling can be a big investment. Before you start, figure out how much space you need and what type of kitchen or bathroom is important for your needs (e.g., traditional or open layout). There are many different styles to choose from so make sure the style suits your taste! You will also want to think about the appliances that are most functional in terms of cost effectiveness if this project could get expensive quickly. Once you’ve figured all this out, use our Kitchen Cost Calculator to estimate costs based on square footage and features desired – it’s quick and easy! But overall , you’ll be spending like 30 to 35% to your kitchen cabinet and like 15% for your countertop and 14% for your installation, and 12% is lighting and electrical and 8% is plumbing, 7% is flooring, another 7% is for backsplash and then, 5% is going to be for your other expenses.