Changing Trends for the Kitchen Design: Keeping Up with the Latest

The function of a kitchen has evolved over the past decades, with families spending much more time at home today. Traditionally, kitchens were only used for cooking and cleaning. However, today kitchens are a place where most of the family congregate. The kitchen, like the heart of the house, is a place where families can come together both functionally and intimately.

Kitchen design is always changing and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends. Kitchen renovation trends usually change slightly from year to year with no big changes seen in the coming years. It is easy to change certain elements within your existing kitchen to keep up with these new trends.

For example, if you have a traditional white kitchen and want a change then you can easily add a pop of color by adding a vibrant textured backsplash. If you are lacking in storage, then you could easily replace your existing island with a multi-functional kitchen island which could be used as both a breakfast bar, storage unit as well as cooking area!

Instantly Make Your Kitchen More Inviting With Elegant Color Options

It is important to keep your kitchen fresh and up-to-date with the latest trends or else you will risk a first impression. Typically, it is the kitchen fronts that your guests see first and so you want to make sure an inviting feeling comes up instantly. This can be achieved with a natural wood finish, for example, an elegant walnut decor. This color finish is fashionable with the natural trend.

If warm pastel colors suit your tastes, then you will likely enjoy a soft cream or sand tone kitchen. But keep in mind to get an anti-fingerprint coating. If you have children under the age of 10, this will come in especially handy.

When combining these light colors with natural materials like wood, and you give the kitchen front a minimalist look it creates the popular Scandinavian design style.

Are White Kitchens Out of Style in 2021?

Yes, white kitchens are out of style in 2021. Some many different colors and contrasts can be used on kitchen counters, backsplash tiles, walls, and cabinets; including black!

White kitchens have been popular since the 1970s when they first became a major decorating trend. But now they’re being replaced with more colorful designs as people want their homes to reflect themselves.

The most common color scheme is pairing light wood cabinetry with dark countertops or contrasting them altogether – either way, it’s creating an exciting space that reflects both your personality and what you need for everyday life.

New Ways to Pop Your Kitchen

In the past, people have typically gone for a more traditional look that incorporates white surfaces and cabinets or dark wood. Kitchen renovation trends vary from year to year, but due to the movement towards adding more color in white kitchens, it appears that this trend will soon be moving away. People are now looking for new ways to give their kitchen a pop of color.

We spend our free time making memories in the kitchen with our loved ones, so why not fill it with some of your favorites? We’ll see this on cabinets, islands, hutches, and feature walls.

The colors of this space will be, in part, inspired by the earthy tones and blues seen within these spaces.

Bring the Warmth of Brass into Your Home

Unlike traditional paint finishes, brass is a perfect color contrast to many other colors such as blue, green, black, and red. As a builder, it was clear that many of the cabinets in most kitchens are a different color than the others to pop them out with brass handles. Brass taps and locks, as well as crafted wallpaper, make the color of your kitchen stand out.

This sophisticated look can be created by combining some brass elements with a blue-green theme, as seen in the cabinetry. These rusted brass trimmings can either heighten the class of a room or make it seem dull.

Streamlined Design: Blissful Spaces

As popular as the farmhouse and mid-century modern designs are, homeowners are catching on to a new design trend: streamlined. A lot of homeowners remodel their homes to create a tranquil space where they can escape the daily stresses.

Simplicity is the name of the game with this trend–clean lines, clean spaces, and simple design are modern twists on classic ideas. These renovation trends are expected to continue without a big change expected in the coming years.

In the last few years, removing upper wall cabinets has been a growing trend. Removing the upper wall provides more space and natural light making your kitchen appear larger than it is. It can maximize your countertop space. Cabinets are usually too high for many people, and not everyone needs that much storage.

If you are remodeling your kitchen and need more storage, you could choose an open-shelf design with baskets for a more customizable option.

Express Brooklyn

Credit: J&K Cabinetry

Renovating Your Kitchen: The Planning and Design Phase

The planning and design phase is an important consideration when renovating your kitchen; once seen as utilitarian spaces, now they’re used for getting together and catching up with friends and family. This means that kitchens take on a new purpose–designing beautifully and often needing to do so in the butler’s pantry so that many people aim to make this space as large and interactive as possible.

To make your kitchen more interactive, here  is five tips

  • Adding a cooktop to your island is a great way to entertain guests while you’re cooking.
  • Give your island more depth so you can use stools and prep space
  • Put dishwashers in the butler’s pantries so the kitchen isn’t a place to clean, rather it becomes entertaining.
  • Include a desk zone or ‘home office’ in your kitchen so kids can do their homework there, or you could use it for taking care of administrative tasks
  • Include a window that connects your kitchen to your outdoor zone so you can enjoy the benefits of both spaces.

Maximize Small Kitchen Spaces with Open Shelves

So while hidden storage solutions remain popular, they are often not feasible in a small kitchen. Small kitchens lack storage space for bulky cabinets with drawers because there’s not enough room.

Open shelves are a popular way to provide storage in tight spaces and they can be quite attractive when well-designed. Here are some ways to maximize your kitchen space if it is limited:

  • Consider magnetic knife holders or stacking utensil holders. This will stop your knife from being cluttered and out of place.
  • Also, you can use wall spice racks and laddle hangers. Adding hooks to the wall is a great way to hang all your spatulas and tongs, which will prevent them from lying across countertops. You can also find high-tech hangers to place your cookware.
  • Adding a wine glass hanger to the kitchen means you would not need shelving space

The Rise of Pantries in Kitchens

Pantries have always been a staple in kitchens because of their major convenience and their contribution to a kitchen’s overall look. So, it is no surprise that pantries would still be trendy in kitchens to this day, like adjoining dining areas or living spaces.

Pantries allow for an organization so food and goods would not have to stay scattered around a kitchen, ensuring that the kitchen can always look fresh and neat while also having a place to stow away any necessary items and gadgets for functionality used in a kitchen. Because of pantries, wall cupboards become unnecessary, so many of the walls can be made free to personalize the kitchen.

Trendy Kitchens with the Textures

The kitchen remodel will not be boring: it will be streamlined. If you are interested in open shelving, wood with natural elements, or a more industrial look, textures can be added to your kitchen design scheme.

Clean up and designate your kitchen as the perfect focal point with a stone floor or sculpted, beveled, or stacked tiles on your backsplash. Different cabinet finishes provide a different look to kitchens than the one we are used to seeing. Consider how you could make your kitchen look more polished following current trends.

Countertop Materials for Kitchen Design Trends: High-End Quartz, Granite, and Marble

Quartz tops for high-end kitchen counters are considered the best tasting of all. This generally means that they are more like granite and marble. As a kitchen material, stone lasts virtually forever, is easy to maintain, and does not allow microbial growth; these three qualities make it an excellent pick for your kitchen’s surface. Granite countertops are more expensive than other types of countertops but require less maintenance.

The first worry when quartz countertops were released was that there were only a few colors and finishes to choose from. With technological advances, manufacturers were able to make a variety of colors available, as well as realistic stone patterns.

Modern kitchens can be customized to the specific needs of the occupants, and quartz countertops with elaborate swirls and large veining are becoming more popular. Designs like these have been growing more popular.

Create a Statement Piece: Benefits of Cooking Islands

Cooking islands are not something to be considered small, as they now play a significant role in the kitchen. A popular trend in kitchen renovations is installing a cooking island because it is a focal point and the central hub of activity. One of the emerging trends in kitchen design is a single-level setup, which serves multiple uses; especially since most kitchens are designed with less wall cabinet space. The kitchen island acts as a statement piece and should make your whole design pop.

The Super-Functional Kitchen Island of 2021

The larger kitchen islands of 2021 will be versatile and multi-functional. You could easily replace your existing island with a multi-functional kitchen island which could act as both a breakfast bar, storage unit, and cooking area.

To accommodate the larger size, we are seeing more and more kitchens with islands extending into living room spaces. This eliminates cluttering in the kitchen and gives you more options for multifunctional areas.

Backsplashes in Kitchens: Trends to Follow

Backsplashes are one way to make your kitchen stand out and give it an individualistic feel. These tile backsplashes in kitchens always have new trends and styles. Kitchen trends seem to change every year, but there are small details that can still be changed within your kitchen to keep up.

If you want to stay current, subway tile is out. Homeowners use all different materials these days, but many are opting for larger tiles. People are moving on to tiles in larger slabs as well as textures and patterns. There are so many possible color choices in your kitchen’s design. It just depends on what colors you choose for your kitchen and of course if you prefer one type over the other.

Toward a More Creative Space

One of the top trends in kitchen design is a pop of color, which can enable more creativity in your design. For those who prefer a classic look with a natural texture, neutral patterns are an option.

Another thing to know about tile backsplashes is the size of them and how big a portion of the wall they cover. Interior trends show a shift towards large slabs. These are most often marble, quartz, wood, copper, stainless steel, or glass. And it goes on… Wall coverage has been rising for backsplashes, which are now found at the ceiling.

Countertops are out, and new trends include a kitchen with more wall space. When renovating this space, tile backsplashes are one of the most popular choices.

Lighting Up Your Kitchen

LEDs are showing up in the weirdest and most wonderful places: kitchens. Along with toe kicks as nightlights, these new ideas of countertop washers can be concealed in crown molding or integrated into the cabinet door for either decorative purposes or to give an illusion that more light is at hand.

This kitchen trend is popular because:

  • LEDs come in a variety of colors from soft white, bright white, and even red to green.
  • You can get creative about where you install them to make a good design.
  • LEDs emit no heat, making them a perfect choice for any renovation project.
  • LEDs also last much longer than other lumens due to their low failure rate, meaning you’ll have better luck trying to keep an LED on than practically anything else around the house.
  • LED bulbs use five times less energy than CFLs, lasting an average of 50,000 hours.

Also, price decreases for LED products are allowing them to become more popular among homeowners.

Mixing Metals in the Kitchen? Yes!

Frequently we get asked if it’s okay to mix metals in the kitchen. The answer is quite simple, YES! Mixing metals in a space can add character to the decorating, especially if done correctly. We can say that we are likely to see a more eclectic style in 2021. Not matching your kitchen decor to the furnishings is no longer a popular trend. If you like gold plumbing fixtures, but don’t want it all over your kitchen, add a gold faucet with black or nickel hardware.

To keep up with the trends, you may decide to swap out your light fixtures in favor of the latest metals or maybe switch to something different entirely.

One of these pieces can make a big difference in the look and functionality. Add some color! An element that can be mixed with metals to give a kitchen that new-wave feel would be in your furniture from tables and chairs, to an island for countertops. These elements can be swapped out to change the look of your existing kitchen! A different element can be added to the kitchen by replacing metals that are the same shade as other pieces, with blush tones. More designers are coming out with options for faucets that include a mix of different metals. One possible design is a matte black faucet enclosure and the handle could be made of brass.