What’s New in the Kitchen Design?

What’s new with kitchen design? As you can see in the latest updates, the kitchen and bath ?ndustry has new colors, new materials, and new backsplashes. Every season there’s something new. They come out and change honestly. We constantly update our samples in the showroom to show you different variations of all of them. But the latest trends are rising with more light colors, like creamy colors, such as white. They have been very popular now, along with gray has been very popular too. We constantly get new materials, and we have a new material that people have been loving, which is the acrylic material. It’s more modern than the other styles and materials. Also, we have new backsplashes, hardware, and fixtures that are trending now in the market.

Top 6 Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen

There is always a reason to renovate your space, but there are main reasons to touch upon that will show you it’s time to remodel your kitchen.

The first reason why you should remodel your kitchen is that as soon as you walk in you see the kitchen. It’s definitely an eye-catcher. It’s always a beautiful way to spice up your home and get everyone’s attention.

The second one is lifestyle. If you’re cooking usually like all the time, that means you definitely spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It up takes a certain part of your day. When you remodel your kitchen according to your needs, you will realize that it gives you that warm and welcoming feeling. It’s your space, and it’s unique to what you make it. It’s very efficient and functions to your ability. You can design your kitchen however you need it to be. For instance, a lot of customers do specific cabinets like drawers and make them fit to what they want. It increases your efficiency in the kitchen.

Also, remodeling your kitchen gives you an eco-friendly advantage by upgrading new appliances that are eco-friendly to the environment.

Another reason is value. You should know that this is definitely an investment. It’s not an expense because this is the place you use every single day. It’s what your family needs. If you enjoy your time in it, and when you make it look more for you, it’s basically a reflection of yourself. When you make it look more like you, you’re going to want to spend more time there with family and friends.

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The Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles

There are variable kitchen cabinet styles, and it might be confusing to find one for your style. We will touch upon the most popular and trendy cabinet styles. When you come to our showroom, we will guide you through this process. We have the modern, the classic, the country, transitional, and cottage styles. Nowadays, people are doing more of a modern look. The style of what’s called classic still exists, and people still do it as well as the transitional style that people do. Country and cottage styles are popular also, but only in certain areas. We are seeing more of the modern kitchens.

In our showroom, we have variable cabinet styles, and we work with different cabinet brands to catch different materials and levels of cabinets. When you go to our website you can see the available brands that we work with. We have them on displays in our showroom, and we’re constantly updating the door styles and colors that they get for us. You can see different quality and colors that you like, or you are looking for. Besides that, you don’t have to go with one specific cabinet style. You have the chance to mix and match like a lot of people do. For instance, some of our customers match different colors. They use different colors for half of the cabinet and different colors for the bottom. Working with these samples that we have here makes you imagine what your kitchen would look like, and it’s very helpful.

How Much Does Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

We will mention the remodeling budget just to give you an idea. There are two major parts of your budget, which are the kitchen cabinets and countertop. Kitchen cabinets take up the most, which is 32%, then we have the countertop, which is 15%. Also have the installation, lighting and electricity, plumbing, flooring, backsplash, and anything else in the kitchen. These facts take the minor percentage of your budget. But still, it’s hard to give you exact numbers here because every project is different, and its needs are different. This just gives you a better idea. When you come into the showroom, you’d have a plan about how much you want to spend or how much you can afford. Before creating your budget, it’s good to have a little bit of knowledge about it.

While creating your kitchen cabinet budget, which is the major part of your budget, some points affect that creation and numbers. Kitchen cabinet door styles might expense your budget according to your choices. There are different door types, and they cost different prices. Some are more upscale, and some are more economical. The most common door styles are:

  • Flat-panel versus
  • Raised panel versus
  • The inset

Also, door construction is another fact that affects your budget. Most of the time, the full overlay, which is basically what you see most of the door, that style is a little bit more upscale than a partial overlay. With a partial overlay, you could see the frame more. The frame is visible more than the full overlay.

The finish is another important detail of the remodeling project. There are different types of finishes which are natural and painted. You can definitely see the difference when you come into the showroom, and you can look at the different door styles. The natural is natural wood, and the painted one costs a little bit more. Some kitchen companies will have painted finish costs a little bit more.

Natural is like granite, and it comes from nature. Granite is a natural stone as we know it is usually busier than any other stone. Engineered stone is a man-made stone, and it still works the same or maybe even better. Some may say engineer stone is meant to last longer, and it’s more durable. It’s staying resistant, and it’s heat-friendly. You can put your heated pots on there. It basically lasts a consumer as long as they can have it. We still do get a lot of people that request granite to have it be almost perfect the entire time. Every few years, you have to reseal it because it protects the natural stone. You can really tell the difference once you guys come into this room and look at different samples.

Backslash flooring and accessories are tiny but not too tiny to not be aware of, and this is the fun part. Just after you pick out your kitchen, your kitchen color, and your countertop, we help you match the backsplash, which is very important because right when you walk into the kitchen that’s what you see. It’s very important to get it as coherent as it can get with the kitchen cabinets. Also, you can use tile. Some people have been using full tile as a backsplash. It’s really just a look that you want to get out of it. It could be the small tiles, or it could be just a regular big tile, just whatever fits your taste. Then, of course, for the floor, we have many samples. We work with many different companies for flooring, you could do any type of flooring, such as porcelain or tiles that are really durable for the kitchen and kitchen use. We help you match that w?th the backsplash and the countertop as well as the cabinets.

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How Long Does Kitchen Remodeling Take?

Every project is unique and remodeling your kitchen might be a challenging process, but with a well-organized plan, everything becomes easier. In the first phase, you create a budget, and in phase two, you talk with the designers that we have here in the showroom. We do have a Zoom available, and you can book your appointment online. If not, you can just come into the showroom, and we’re happy to help finalize your plan and confirm your project. You come to finalize it with the kitchen designer, then you confirm it, and we process your order. Phase three is when we process your order. It’s ordering the cabinets and the countertops if you need them. Then phase four is your kitchen cabinet installation. We come to your home to take measurements and do the installation. Phase five is countertop installation, and phase six is just you enjoying your brand new kitchen. If we’re doing your floor from start to finish, it takes six weeks to renovate. In addition, you’re waiting eight weeks prior to us starting for the cabinetry to arrive here on site. We don’t take your existing kitchen out until all of your cabinetry is here. Because we wouldn’t want you to not have any kitchen for all that time. Six weeks is the typical timeframe that a kitchen is under renovation. We do set up your kitchen in a separate area of your home. Oftentimes, that’s in your dining room, and we bring your refrigerator into that kitchen space. We bring your dining room into that satellite area with a six-foot table. Oftentimes, your microwave goes on the table so that you’re still kind of operating in satellite space. The thing that you miss the most of course is your kitchen sinks which do go away. You should try and eat your big meal during the day and your lighter meals at night. But everybody gets through it because there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. We do use pepper filters in your renovation just to try and keep the dust down to an admirable degree and we do use big plastic walls and plastic kerning to kind of curtain off the area that we’re working in. After all these steps, your kitchen becomes ready to unpack and enjoy.

Are kitchen cabinets expensive?

Kitchen cabinets have different levels. They are pretty affordable. We work with many different companies. There are different levels to every consumer, and it depends also on what color you get, what door styles you get, how big your kitchen is, and all factors into how much a kitchen will cost. Mostly they are pretty affordable.

Which kitchen cabinets are easy to clean?

They all are good. They’re all pretty durable. They’re good quality and everything. But we did find customers liking the acrylic finish. They say that they had a really good experience with it, and they clean better.

How long will kitchen cabinets last?

Kitchen cabinets will last years. There isn’t really a specific time. The only time you may have trouble will be maybe in 10 years. There’s a warranty on the kitchens that you get. We can just exchange amounts for you, that’s not a problem.

Do you charge for a consultation?

No, we do not charge for consultation. That first appointment is usually an hour to an hour and a half long with us. There isn’t a charge, and it certainly is fun. We enjoy what we do. We enjoy meeting you, and by the end of that appointment, you have a really great idea of what a kitchen remodel will cost.  Most people end that meeting by feeling really thankful that it’s not smoke and mirrors anymore and that they really have a more candid approach to a project that they were overwhelmed by because they had no idea of costs. We’re going to open up and walk through projects to show you what they cost. We’ll walk through your project, talk about real costs associated with your work, and also offer options of how to save.

If we don’t have an existing hood, is this something difficult to add?

No, it’s super easy to add, even if it’s on an interior wall. The hood application goes right behind the crown molding detail. In each cabinet, we’re trying to bring down associates like now if we have the budget, and it’s traveling. We want to make the most of the space too. We do what’s called facial molding, which is a flat piece of board. Then your crown, which kind of steps off of that arch. That six-inch of framing is what’s needed to bend your foot outside goes behind the crown and out the window wall. It’s pretty easy to do, no issue at all.