What’s New in Kitchen Remodeling?

Let’s talk about styles that lend themselves to change. There are a lot of popular styles you might be familiar with. For instance, the transitional style is a popular one these days. The transitional style is in transit between a traditional and a modern or a contemporary style. That’s kind of what transitional means, it’s kind of a uniquely American thing. It’s sort of an American style that’s been growing, becoming more popular, and starting to dominate these days.

Another kind of style is the farmhouse style, which might be traditional. But you can take a farmhouse style and turn it into an industrial style, rustic country style or French country style very easily. That’s one of the nice things about transitional designs. Another kind of style that can be altered is mid-century modern. It’s another great one that can become industrial Scandinavian, or it can skew very modern as well.

Then we can point out the contemporary style. A lot of people ask for a contemporary kitchen. But contemporary really isn’t the style, so we’d like to avoid using that word. When you say you want your kitchen to be contemporary, you’re actually saying, ‘’I want my kitchen to be stylish for today.’’

One thing to mention and as a final note, again, remember, is your personal style and taste. If you have a particular style that you love and it’s what you want to do, don’t feel that you have to sacrifice that style because it’s not trendy. It’s your home, so you need to love it. We will try to make it functional as the first rule, but the style is personal, so we want to make sure your home reflects your own style.

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Some strong traditional elements:

The medallion is a classic, that’s a mid-80s, early 90s element.

The distressed wood includes raised panel doors and it has a very traditional look. It includes some sort of:

  • Natural stone backsplash,
  • Ornaments,
  • Corbels,

which are all very traditional elements. It is not super popular today and doesn’t really lend itself to adapting much. 

Aside from cabinetry, the countertop has variable options you can choose such as marble, quartz, and sintered stone. Marble is a popular and nice material, but it could be extremely difficult to adapt into a different style. Especially when you have all this mitered stone going on everywhere.

We see kitchens with natural or engineered stones more than even cabinets. We have started to see it in the industry. It can be an island shape or other kinds of things, and when it has the right symmetry it can look stylish also. While designing your kitchen you can mix the elements that you want to use, so it can look more stylish and customized according to your style. But when you are mixing elements you need to be careful about which elements you are choosing, because not every element will fit and adapt with each other.

Combining some affordable elements is a good way to create a unique look. You can even match two different styles together. For instance; you can match a mid-century style with a more modern style, or you can color your backsplash darker than the other elements in your kitchen. The only important point of this idea is to be careful and get help from a professional.

Also, as another type of cabinet and countertop element wood is a widely selected option. It never goes out of style. There are different wood types and tones you can use, such as a bright wood tone that looks very light and clean or the opposite, which is a darker wood tone which will make your kitchen’s look more mysterious.

The floor element is as important as the other elements in your kitchen. It should match with the other materials and colors in the kitchen to achieve a complete kitchen look. For instance, horizontal surfaces that stay in the same tone or material will help tie things together. These kinds of options can be matched up together, and the variability of the options might help you to find the right style that matches your own taste. While you are doing your matching or creating a very customized and professional look you shouldn’t sacrifice form over function.

You can choose a very traditional look, but you can match it with a more modern and unique element to create your different look. The most important thing is you should know what you like, and you should know your taste and style. When you are aware of your preferred style and know your taste well, your kitchen will fit with every room very well.

You can get help on some of the little details to customize and modernize your traditional based style. For instance, the hardware, the canvas, or maybe the handles. Also, the lighting factor helps a lot to help it to look like the kitchen you desire. The natural light and the lightning system do indeed matter in deciding on the final look and feel of your home. 

Why Is Kitchen Remodeling Important?

While designing your kitchen you should be careful about functionality. For example, if you decide to put in a huge range, you may have to sacrifice some counter space. That creates a problem in the kitchen that never goes away.

One of the mistakes that has been repeated while remodeling is not having a color contrast or match. Choosing all of the elements in your kitchen from cabinets through the countertop to be the same might make your kitchen a little boring. You cannot go with one single color or you shouldn’t use colors that don’t match with each other or it might not help you to achieve the completed kitchen look. 

You can choose different color options for different materials such as; you can go with a lot of gray, via installing stainless steel appliances, but you should choose everything in a different shade.  Then you can add a nice warm-colored floor, as it would look nice and different.

Mixing and matching can give a personality to your kitchen. You can keep the things that are hard to change a little bit neutral or you can choose something that’s easy to adapt and work with some trendy accents to punch it up. But the most important point is to have a personal taste. Express your personality, because most of these things are easy to change. Fixtures and hardware are a good example, as well as faucets or other items.

You can wrap things up by putting it in between marble and tile. It’s nice to have a few little surprises in a design that you didn’t see at first. but then the more you’re in the space you will notice it and you might feel regret, so you always need to be careful with every detail.

Where design becomes personal, the function becomes personal as well. For instance, you can change the floating shelves and layout according to your needs.

How Much Does Kitchen Remodeling Cost?

From the point of the budget, there’s more tile available today than there has ever been and it’s not crazy expensive. The budget depends on colors and shape. For instance; if you’re looking at 30 square feet, which is an average kitchen, it costs 1,000 bucks, which obviously isn’t a tiny amount of money. But if every three, four, or five years you want to change your kitchen to swap out a backsplash tile, it’s probably not a huge deal and is a great way to update your look.

Basically, every kitchen we do is always going to have tasks for lighting. For instance; in the floating shelves or underneath the cabinet sometimes in the toe kick. You can do something fun like emotion to kick lights. In the middle of the night, if you’re walking into the bathroom, you don’t want to turn on all your lights, so you can put in some toe-kick lighting. They work really great.

Even while you are doing that, you can match colors. It’s nice that they come in different colors so they can blend in more. Also, as a new trend putting LED strip lighting underneath the island has become popular. Another option that you can get it is RGB strips and you can change them, which is fun. It’s not any more expensive. It comes with a little remote control so you can change the color. There’s tons of stuff you can do with lighting that doesn’t add a lot of expense but can really change the look and function. 

Island kitchens have a huge amount of options also. You can have an accent piece more like an island towards the beginning and a little raised wood top area. You can also choose a mile on islands because it’s a little warmer when you’re putting your arms on them for seating at an island, it’s a warmer feel so it might be a nice element to have.

For the countertop here is a fact for you, if you prefer to go with a natural marble in your kitchen, or you want wood in your kitchen, you’ve got to be okay with the organic nature of that material. It’s going to age, scratch and stain, but it’s the kind that adds character to your kitchen. If you’re the person who enjoys that material it might be the right choice for you, but if you’re the kind of person who needs things clean and perfect all the time, then those materials might not be for you.

Wood is another option for organic material you can go with. We expect to see these kinds of options in sinks everywhere in the next five years.

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Credit: FGM Cabinetry

If you’re more of an entertaining home where friends and family are always at your house you might prefer more space to hide the mess. Also, functionality plays a big role in this situation. I would just love to have a way where even if you make a mess you can just kind of hide it under everything until your party’s done and then clean up later. That is really nice.

The workstation has a functional feature to help you in the kitchen. But the whole idea with the workstation sink is all of your prep is being done at the sink. So you don’t use your counter space for prep, you use the workstation sink for it. Because the idea is it’s just one nice tight work area and then the rest of your kitchen becomes about storage and using your small appliances.

You don’t need the counter space for prep anymore because you’ve created this workstation. It requires a little bit behavior-wise, as it is a little bit different, but it makes a ton of sense and you’re going to see more and more designers incorporating that into their kitchens.

Flooring Materials

Wood has a wide range of usage for the kitchen in many elements. For the flooring, the usage of wood material which is natural is 90% of what is designed. This is the way it is always going to be unless they already have natural hardwood floors. In that case, we’re kind of lacing into them and carrying them throughout the house.

Tile is an important element for the kitchen and bath industry. Historically it is very popular for the kitchen. But lately what we see more and more is the luxury vinyl plank. It’s thinner and it’s very durable. It is 100 percent laminate, waterproof, very scratch resistance, and it’s a very good product. If you do a kitchen and then five or 10 years later you want to switch it up a little bit, then this product is a great route to go. It’s a floating floor, it’s super easy to install, and you can just pull it up and replace it.

LVP is another great product let’s see in detail. LVP is a 100% waterproof material, as well as 100% vinyl. The underlayment is vinyl, as well as the top’s vinyl. Some companies use cork backing. Cork is a natural product that is basically a wood bark.

However, cork is not waterproof. If you’re in a situation where the floor gets wet pretty often like staying at a doorway slide, such as a French door sliding door where it gets wet a lot, that cork can have an issue. If you’re really concerned about waterproofing or being waterproof, get something that’s 100% vinyl, and stay away from those cork back products.

But there’s nothing wrong with the cork back products unless you’re in that situation where you’re really, really worried about water. In case you do have any water issues, you can just click it back to the areas, get at the root of the problem, and then just relay it right back down.

Also, wood tiles are still very popular and are still a great choice. They are very, very durable. Even though LVP is a waterproof material, water can get underneath it. If you’re putting it over a wood subfloor, and that floor is getting wet a lot, water can still get underneath and damage that wood subfloor. It’s not like a waterproof barrier like you would put in a shower. It’s just a waterproof flooring material. But the LVP is really kind of taken over as an accessory.