8 Essential Things When Remodeling Your Kitchen

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, it is a big task and needs to be carefully planned. Some of the tasks involved in the planning include gathering the correct information from the correct source, visiting local showrooms for live examples, and obtaining different ideas and new trends. Whichever is involved, one needs to consider the whole project before it begins. This is because, in the process of remodeling, things could go out of control, especially with the project size as well as cost, when basic principles are not established.

1- Establish a Budget

The question is about the sum of money you can afford for the kitchen remodeling. A simple remodeling can cost about $2000 while you can as well spend up to $50,000 to install costly design details and high-end appliances. You need to decide what suits your budget. A factor to consider is your neighborhood, as you won’t need to overspend, and you will know whether the remodeling will be profitable in the long run. You can visit our showroom and we can show you some project examples that we accomplished in the past, so you can have a basic idea of the overall cost such as kitchen cabinet cost, countertop cost, flooring, installation, and additional costs.

2- Be Careful of An Identity Crisis

Here is another question: Do you really want to tear down the walls and create a new kitchen from scratch? If you are not entirely flipping your home, you can always consider the actual architectural layout and it can dictate your remodeling project. We strongly recommend not to work against it, because if you do, you will eventually spend more time and at the end of the day: you will need a bigger budget.

3- Consider Trends

Every single day, there are new improvements and new ideas in Kitchen & Bath industry, You can always keep up with them. This will help you to have a new appearance and looks that are not costly but friendly with your budget and project timeline.

4- Maintain the Plumbing

Do not move water and gas lines to carry out your remodeling. Moving them will cost you an outrageous sum of money, especially if it is an older home. If you would like to change the sink location, you will need new plumbing, similarly, if you would like to change the stove location, you will need new gas lines.

5- Ergonomic working environment is important

When you are working in the kitchen, productivity is your absolute must. That’s why and the ergonomic floor plan is essential. If you plan to rearrange your appliances, consider following the natural traffic pattern between the appliances. For instance, the dishwasher should be next to the sink, and let’s not put that hot oven next to the refrigerator.

6- Avoid Mismatching Appliance

Try as much as possible to go with the same brand if you want to buy new appliances. Some manufacturers provide attractive and less expensive matching sets. Look out for affordable appliances with a luxury look. For example, if you have a small kitchen you may not need a big 36” wide refrigerator, if you already have 30’’wide, you can keep the same size and the height.

7- Remember Sinks and Fixtures

It is necessary to obtain a great faucet, especially one featuring a pull-out spray attachment or a goose-neck with a detachable head. It’s just a matter of adding between $50 and $75 to get a great one. Let your fixture finish remain consistent as mixed finishes will give a patchwork look. Double sinks are pretty useful if you still have enough counter space after the upgrade.

8- Free Advice is Available

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